Pop up or plug in. #NFT

What is the mission of the show?

The world has discovered NFT's and smart contracts via the blockchain. Many things will slowly shift toward this kind of technology. The purpose of this show is to document the pros and cons of being a traveling NFT artist v.s. being a traveling painter. I would like to point out there is no conflict of interest because I love both painting and digital creation. I would like to accurately document the experiences I have on the road. I also see potential being able to travel and help connect the underground NFT scenes around the country, as well as being able to travel and teach people about NFT's and why the tech far out weighs the art we are creating.

What is an NFT? A non-fungible token. (Skip if you are familiar.) 

What does an NFT do? Well simply put, an NFT doesn't do anything other than sit in your digital wallet. Think of your wallet like your digital vault/safe. A place you can store silver coins and special memorabilia is essentially what a digital wallet is. An even more secure wallet is would be a "ledger," where your crypto is stored offline. 
Now let's say your wallet is set up and you buy a painting at an art show that includes an NFT. The NFT would then function as a proof of ownership. Much like if you purchase a Rolex you'll receive a certificate of authenticity. You won't be able to resell the Rolex for base price or collector price if you lose your Certificate of Authenticity. Another more practical way to explain an NFT is to think of it as a car title. When you buy a car you receive the car title which is proof of ownership. I may take your car and drive to Canada but you still own the car and have the title to it. Just like if I take your painting off the wall of your house or gallery and go to the UK - I won't be able to sell it properly without the NFT or Certificate of Authenticity. 
Okay so what if the NFT is completely digital?
I like to use the "Bad Luck Brian" meme for this example. Everyone knows Bad Luck Brian and he sold the NFT of the original meme on Foundation (one of many NFT marketplaces.) By doing this he was able to sell the meme as a piece of historical artwork. Now just like if you buy my paintings, I do not transfer copyright over to you unless we specifically discuss that before the sale. Same with Brian and his meme. You now get to own the meme and be a part of history and show people you own the meme BUT you don't get the copyrights to it. If you buy a digital art piece you can verify you own it in your wallet and yes other people can just save the image but I can save a Bad Luck Brian meme - doesn't mean I own the verified original. 

Who will be in the show?

As of right now we are planning to have 6 artists including myself. These artists will be Denver locals as well as national and international artists. The purpose of finding international artists is to demonstrate how simple it is to display digital artworks versus shipping paintings across the world. 

Unique features about the exhibition.

This art showcasing will be both virtual and physical. The gallery will be replicated in the cryptovoxels metaverse and projected into the actual IRL gallery. Therefore the people in the space will be able to see the digital world as if it they were present. 


July 30th, 2021

7pm - 11pm

2611 Walnut St., Denver, CO.